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Beautiful stringart for Christmas or winter time. This is a chic addition to the traditional decoration.

Included in course / Im Kurs enthalten

  • Step by step written instructions
  • PDF template of the design to print
  • Video instructions from threading
  • FUTURE also video tutorials of all steps

Additionally required / Zusätzlich benötigt

  • Printer
  • scissors, pliers, hammer
  • glue if needed
  • Tape or piece of tape
$5,82 $6,99
Enrollment validity: 365 days
20 x 20 cm

wood dimension /
mind. Holzmaß

96 stk.
galvanized nails /
verzinkte Nägel
min. 4 m
yarn or Wool /
Garn oder Wolle

What you will learn / Das wirst du lernen

  • Create your own thread picture with the snowflake pattern.
  • One template and many possibilities to customize it according to your taste.

Course content / Kursinhalt

Info before you get started

  • Welcome :)
  • Shopping list

The preparatory work
All woodwork explained

Clout is needed
Putting nails into the wood explained in several ways

Tricked & Threaded
Without thread no picture, here you will learn how to thread the pattern.

Finals, ohhh! (optionally)

Reviews / Bewertungen

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